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  • 1. Dhwani

  • 2. Lakh Ki Chudiyan

  • 3. Bus Ki Yatra

  • 4. Deewano Ki Hasti

  • 5. Chitthiyon Ki Anoothi Duniya

  • 6. Bhagwan Ke Dakiye

  • 7. Kya Nirash Hua Jaye

  • 8. Yeh Sabse Kathin Samay Nahi

  • 9. Kabir Ki Sakhiyan (Sanchayan Bhag 1)

  • 10. Kya Khushi Hai (Sanchayan Bhag 2)

  • 11. Jab Cinema Ne Bolna Sikh Liya

  • 12. Sudama Charit

  • 13. Jahan Pahiya Hai

  • 14. Akbari Lauta

  • 15. Topi Shukla.

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